Restaurant Letter

Interactive Motion Typography Artwork

Hisana Okada     Image Arts and Societies Ritsumeikan University


This is an interactive motion typography artwork that treats letters as ingredients in cooking. You will have the unique experience of “cooking the letters.“  This work consists of three small works, “spaghetti”, “omurice*” and “coffee”. This uses “katakana” (the Japanese syllabary)  and the letters from the English alphabet to help the viewer recognize the difference between katakana and the alphabet.  

*omurice is a popular Japanese food, which is an omelette with chicken, vegetables, rice filling, and ketchup.


Not only are letters used to convey words and meanings, but also have a culture that pursues visual expression. This culture originated with “sho*” and calligraphy, evolved into typography with the advent of printing technology, and expanded further with a visual expression technique known as motion typography. Additionally, there are works that

combine the visual expression of letters and interactive experiences, such as “Text Rain“[1].

In this work, letters are expressed as falling raindrops.

*sho is a one of the calligraphy, which is mainly spread in east Asia.


The purpose of creating this artwork is to pursue a new visual expression using letters. Through this experience, the viewer is able to enjoy a new experience. It is also intended to promote a change in attitudes and images toward letters.


Software used in this work is TouchDesigner. The images are switched on a PC and projected onto a plate, frying pan, and coffee cup through a projector.
M5StickCPlus that can detect inclination   
(e.g., roll, pitch, and yaw) is used. When you hold and move tableware attached M5StickCPlus, the motion typography video is played.

How to experience it

  1. Take a fork and move it in a circle.
    Then you can see the letters in the image rotate like real spaghetti.

  1. Hold a frypan and shake it.
    Then you can see the letters in the video are stir-fried like real rice.

  1. Pick up a knife and pretend to cut with it. Then you can see in the image that the egg is cut and the ingredients are visible.

  1. Pick up a spoon and stir the coffee. Then you can see the image in which the letters are distorted like liquid.

Feel free to access youtube link:)

English subtitle     1:24- video of the experience


Japanese subtitle   1:18-video of the experience