“SEISHO” is an interactive art that expands the experience of reading picture books combining analog media(paper) and digital media (projection mapping). An infrared camera recognizes AR markers on the pages of the book users are reading, then animation movies are projected according to the story of each page. In addition, motion detection by Leap Motion allows users to enjoy a deeper experience into the story. This prototype is based on the “TANABATA” story, which is famous in East Asia.

In this work, we categorized the expansion of the reading experience into the following two directions:

(1)focusing on the act of reading the paper book itself (turning pages of a book)

(2)focusing on actions in the space with books (putting strips of paper on bamboo branches, waving one hand away)


“TANABATA(Star Festival)” is a famous traditional festival celebrated on July 7th in East Asia. The weaver girl (symbolizing Vega) and the cowherd boy (symbolizing Altair) cross the Milky Way and see each other again once a year. This story is originally from Chinese legend. In Japan, people write wishes on a piece of paper and hang them on bamboo trees in TANABATA Festival. It is said that wishes may come true.


【Turning pages of a book】

When you turn pages of a book, a camera reads the AR marker printed on the page and the image that matches the page is projected

【Waving one hand away】【Hang strips of paper】

Structures using Leap Motion vary from page to page in the book.

Page 1-2: When you wave your hand away, Milky Way appears.

Page 3-4: When you hang strips of paper, your hand passes over Leap Motion. Then Leap Motion reacts and an animation movie appearing the weaver girl and the cowherd boy is projected.